Quick Creative Tip: Use All the Paint

finished painted paper

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I don’t know if you ever paint anything on your own, but if you or your child ever uses paint you’ve probably noticed there’s usually some paint left over at the end.

Next time you have this issue, don’t toss the paint or wash it down the drain.

Spread it around a bit on your palatte (I’m using a super fancy margarine tub lid)

extra paint
Paint left over after working on a project for the Bit.

then press paper down on top of it. Smear it around. painting paper

Do it again with some other paint and let it dry. finished painted paper

Use as a background for an art journal page or just hang it on your fridge.

If you don’t happen to have your extra paint in something flat, grab a paintbrush and paint random splotches, circles or lines in whatever colors are available. It works the same way as a little work of art that took very little in the way of time or resources but is still a lot of fun to do. You might just find yourself squirting out too much paint on purpose!

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