Prevent March Madness in Your Home with This Mega-List of Activities

toddler activities

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Last spring my girl was home sick for a day, and I decided it would be fun to keep track of all the things we did that day just to document how high energy even a sick toddler could be. toddler activities

It gave me fodder for weeks of blog posts, and was a big part of the list I compiled as 64 Sick Day, Rainy Day, Any Day Activities to Do with Your Toddler.

I was just reading over the list, and we still do a lot of these. All the art and music stuff and reading of course. She still has some of the same sensory materials and loves blocks and dress up. Now she’s graduated to real cutting, though, not just tweezers and felt!

It’s spring break where we live, and might be a little cold and rainy later this week, so I know some mamas who might need some inspiration for keeping the little ones entertained.

And even if you don’t, it gives me permission to repost one of my favorite pictures of the girl, ever. playing outside

Go check out the post if for no other reason than to see some other adorable pictures, a couple of which show off the unfortunate mullety afterefects of me trying to give her a haircut. Ah, memories!

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