Toddler Busy Bag Swap, Part Three

size sorting busy bag

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Welcome to part three of five of the great toddler busy bag swap roundup! These posts are about to get much shorter as today I’m getting to the bags that we don’t actually have in our possession, so I’ll have a lot less to say about them.

Clothesline Busy Bag

We did get one of these, and it’s adorable.

clothesline busy bag
The parts of the super-cute clothesline busy bag.

It consists of a cord that could be used as a clothesline (you tie it around two chairs to use), clothespins and a selection of clothes made out of felt.

This is a pretty common bag but the ideas for using it that came in our bags came from Money Saving Mom, who also has free pattern templates you can use to make your clothes. Kids can pin the clothes to the line or use different colors or types of clothes for sorting and counting activities.

I’ve been thinking of doing a felt board for the Bit so I will also make felt people of the proper size to wear the clothes, which will allow us to use at least that part until she’s more comfortable with clothespins.

Pipe Cleaner/Bead Counting Game

The last bag that we actually got was this one:

pipe cleaner counting game
A few pipe cleaners, some beads and you've got a simple counting game.

It’s just pipe cleaners cut to size, with a sticky tab on one end with a number from 1 to 10. You string the appropriate number of beads for whatever number is on the pipe cleaner. I can’t find a source for this one, so if anyone knows, please let me know!

The Bit loves stringing beads so when she’s a little better at counting objects I’m sure she’ll like this one (she knows all her numbers, she just doesn’t stop at the appropriate time, as I discussed in relation to the clothespin number match game, when she only wanted to count to four).

Dry-Erase Activity

writing busy bag
Dry erase crayons and writing activity.

This one is a series of writing activities (from printables found at Handwriting for Kids) that have been laminated, hole-punched and collected with a ring. It came with dry-erase crayons.

About Me Book

about me book
Stickers, crayons, paper: what kid could want more?

I’m not sure what exactly makes this an “about me” book, but that’s what the mom who made it called it. It’s a collection of a little book, stickers and crayons, which is always a good idea when you have kids around.

Size Sorting Bag

size sorting busy bag
This size-sorting busy bag is really cool.

This is another really cool one that I wish I’d gotten, but it would be super-easy to re-create with the printables and instructions from Walking by the Way. There are pictures of different sizes and ribbon, feathers and other objects of different sizes and the idea is to match up the size of the thing on the picture (a fish, a dog, etc.) with the right sized objects. A great skill-builder, this one.

If you missed any parts of this series or want to review:

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  1. I exchanged toddler busy bags with 6 other moms right before my third child was born. Nearly two years later we STILL use some of those activities I really want to do it again. Thanks for posting your ideas, and thanks for linking up to the Kids Get Crafty Link-up!

  2. My daughter was home sick for two days, so they definitely have saved me this week! But I know we’ll be coming up with ways to play with lots of these for a long time to come.

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