A Simple Seuss Celebration

cat hat stripes

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We read a lot of books in this house, but Dr. Seuss has always been a favorite. The Bit read her board book copy of The Foot Book so much the cover fell off (there might have been some ripping involved, but still, it was well-loved).

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket was one of her bedtime books for a long time, and I was surprised to learn recently that she can recite One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish almost perfectly from memory.

Fans of children’s lit know March 2 is celebrated as Read Across America Day because it was Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Last year I found a wocket printable and made a wocket pocket hide and seek game that was fun (and we may yet use it again this year). I wanted to do something this year but I was running low on time, energy and creativity. So I made a coloring book.

For the Love of Printables

Do you know about Seussville? This website is a great resource for all sorts of Seussy stuff, including audio and videos, games and printable activity pages.

I stuck mostly to the coloring pages for books we had read and ended up with eight or 10 coloring pages.

seuss coloring invitation
My Seussy invitation setup.

I added a cover that was a printable Cat in the Hat style hat, which I printed on cardstock.

I cut out strips of red and white paper so she could make the stripes for the hat. I put a piece of cardstock on as the back cover, too, but I didn’t bind it together with anything other than a polka-dotted binder clip.


cat in the hat gluing
Working on the cat hat.

The Bit thought using the glue stick was a lot of fun, but she did get glue all over the table (note to self: trays are our friends). And she did a pretty good job of lining them up properly.

cat hat stripes
The finished cat hat.

She colored several of the pages that afternoon and came back to it the next day, too.

Repeating Patterns

beads repeating pattern
Stringing beads and a rare shot actually looking at the camera!

Another thing I set out for her, which is only tangentially Seussy, was a red pipe cleaner and some red and white beads. She loves repeating patterns and got right to work on it.

There’s one place where she put two red beads together, but other than that her pattern is perfect and she had a lot of fun doing it.


I’ve gotten out of the habit of setting out activities deliberately, but she usually enjoys them when I do, so I’m going to try to do it more often.

So you set out creative invitations for your kids? What’s worked for you? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing!

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