Toddler Busy Bag Swap, Part Four

shape sticks busy bag

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Here we go again! This post should be a lot briefer than the others so far because it’s almost just a list of some great busy bag options that were shared at the swap.

Pompom Patterns

pompom patterns
Match the patterns with the pompoms.

Here’s a cute and easy one (well, easy if your color printer is working; our sweet mom had to color hers by hand!) — just print out the colored patterns, add pompoms of the appropriate colors and you’re good to go.

The printable for these can be found at Unsolicited Advice (under busy bag ideas).

Outdoor Activities

outdoor busy bag
Lots of fun outdoor activities.

I have to admit I’m not really sure what all is going on here, and I don’t have a source for these either, though there is clearly a printable involved.

It’s meant to be mostly for outdoor exploration and observation, though, with a notebook and pencil for drawing things, a magnifying glass for getting a closer look and a selection of little activities to do with different natural objects, such as spelling out your name with twigs or organizing rocks by size. Not sure what the frog is for, other than looking at with the magnifying glass.

Velcro Shape Sticks

shape sticks busy bag
Make shapes with sticks that Velcro together.

This is another fun and easy one, just tongue depressors, peel-and-stick Velcro and colorful dot stickers. You can find a version at Chasing Cheerios. Her version has dots of the same color that go together to make specific shapes, but with this version you can make whatever shapes you want with those seven sticks.

Coloring Book

coloring notebook
What could be better than crayons and a blank piece of paper?

Simple, classic for a reason. A little notebook and some crayons.

And Another Button Snake

button snake
Another button snake option.

If my button snake wasn’t enough for you, here’s the other version that was involved in our swap. It has a bigger button and bigger ribbon. The ribbon is cut at the end rather than glued, and one of the buttons has been sewn to that end of the ribbon to keep the felt buttons from falling off. Not a bad idea.

If you missed any parts of this series or want to review:

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