Upcycled Pillowcase Projects

It seems like we have a lot of old pillowcases (and pillows, but that’s another story) hanging around the house, and they’re a great source of fabric for upcycled pillowcase projects. Here are some ways that I have used pillowcases in different ways that you can try if you find yourself with pillowcases for sheet […]

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How to Make Yarn Out of a Pillowcase

It’s easy to make yarn out of a pillowcase, and a great way to use those pillowcases you aren’t using on your bed anymore. I don’t know if you have this problem, but I recently realized we have a lot of pillowcases we don’t actually use. I think it’s because we stop using sheet sets […]

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Easy Origami Fabric Hearts

These origami fabric hearts are super simple to make as a decoration for Valentine’s Day, to add to a card or whatever else you would like. I see a lot of origami hearts this time of year and it got me thinking. I wondered if you could do such a thing with fabric. Well, of […]

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