Make a Dinosaur Softie Inspired by Dino Dana

dinosaur softie dino dana

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How to make a dinosaur softie inspired by the Amazon show Dino Dana.

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Inspired by the girl’s Titanoboa softie, I wanted to make my own dinosaur softie inspired by Dino Dana.dinosaur softie dino dana

What is Dino Dana?

If you don’t know Dino Dana yet, allow me to introduce you. The show is considered a continuation of a Canadian show called Dino Dan, brought to us via Amazon and Sinking Ship Entertainment (the same company behind Odd Squad, and you’ll recognize Dana if your kids love that show).

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This show is great for a lot of reasons, but you’ve got to love it because it shows a girl who is interested in science and has a diverse cast.

Dana is a 9-year-old wannabe paleontologist who gets Dan’s Dino Field Guide, which not only teaches her about dinosaurs but allows her to imagine them in her neighborhood. She does “dino experiments,” observing the dinosaurs to learn more about them, often while wearing a crocheted hat (made by her dad) and a little dinosaur softie pin.

The T. Rex is the most commonly seen dino pin, so I decided to make my dinosaur softie based on that design.


  1. paper, pencil, marker and scissors
  2. felt: I used part of a piece of gold felt and tiny bits of white and orange as well
  3. fabric glue
  4. thread and needle
  5. one silver sequin
  6. a bit of Fiber-fil stuffing, cotton balls, yarn ends or whatever you have handy for stuffing (I actually used bit of wool)

How to Make a Dino Softie

First you’ll need your shape. I actually found a video of Dana wearing the dino pin online (see below), downloaded an image, blew it up to 400 percent and traced the image. You can just draw a dinosaur shape if you’re more confident with your drawing abilities than I am.

Cut out the shape and trace it onto your felt using a marker. Cut out two shapes.T Rex cutout

I did a freehand cut on the details. The Dana dino has two separate legs, but I just did one, with claws along the bottom. I also did sharp teeth and cut out some connected shapes of different lengths to be the details along the back.Make a dinosaur softie inspired by Dino Dana.

I used fabric glue to stick those pieces and the sequin for the eye down. The claws I glued to what would be the inside of the softie on the back piece of the dino’s body.

Use the needle and thread to sew around the outside of the dinosaur softie, adding a little stuffing as you go.Make a dinosaur softie inspired by Dino Dana.

It’s not a perfect replica (and indeed the girl came along after I finished and drew a line on it with marker to make two legs!) but I think it’s adorable and the perfect thing for any Dino Dana fan.

Do your kids watch Dino Dana? I’d love to know what you think of it!



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  1. Sarah, I love your dino softie. Sorry but I somehow missed it when you published your post. I’ve scheduled for pinterest now!! Thanks for being part of Sew a Softie again 🙂

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