Make a Dinosaur Softie Inspired by Dino Dana

dinosaur softie dino dana

How to make a dinosaur softie inspired by the Amazon show Dino Dana. Affiliate links are included for your convenience. Inspired by the girl’s Titanoboa softie, I wanted to make my own dinosaur softie inspired by Dino Dana. What is Dino Dana? If you don’t know Dino Dana yet, allow me to introduce you. The […]

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Sew a Softie with the Kids for the Holidays

Sew a softie for the holidays with or for your kids with these easy sewing patterns.

The other day I shared with you my Christmas tree softie, which I made myself but would be great for kids to make, or even for a group of kids to do together as they learn embroidery stitches. A bunch of my blogger friends have been sharing their own holiday-themed sew a softie projects, which […]

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