Draw Shadow Flowers {Craft Challenge, Day 68}

Stink at drawing? Draw flower shadows instead.

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I really hate that I’m not good at drawing. Today’s challenge was meant to be drawing flowers, but I just could not get it even close to right.

Laughably bad. Stink at drawing? Draw flower shadows instead.

And while I don’t have time to learn to draw right now, I would really love to, so I hope I can make myself make time for that in the near future.

If you’re good at drawing and would rather draw flowers for today’s challenge, please do so, and I’d love to see your results if you do.

If you can’t draw as well as my kindergartener, you might try this instead.

How to Draw Shadow Flowersflower still life

All you need for this challenge are some flowers, a light source, a piece of paper (I used a 4×6 inch index card) and a pencil. flower shadow

Position the flower so that its shadow falls on the paper. This is surprisingly hard to take a picture of.

Draw the shadows. flower shadow drawings

I liked it so much I did it twice, with two different flowers.

This is actually really fun, and it makes great flower shapes without having to really be able to draw.

I would love to try this with other flowers, too. Maybe draw them with crayon and paint with watercolors. Hmmm…stay tuned.

Do you consider yourself good at drawing? Or a hopeless case like me? Do you try to draw anyway? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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