Paper and Spraypaint {Craft Challenge, Day 122}

Use paper and spraypaint to make a collage

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One thing that is a fun creative challenge is to combine different materials or genres of art or craft into the same project. I know somewhere once I saw a list of a bunch of different crafty mashups, and I’m pretty sure I pinned it, but of course now I can’t find it, but when you combine different things it makes you see them in a new way, which is always good.Use paper and spraypaint to make a collage

I’ve been working on a project for the girl’s class that has involved a lot of paper punching, so I have a lot of little random bits of scrapbook paper scraps lying about. I decided to make a sort of collage and then cover it with spraypaint to make it look more harmonious.

Making a Paper and Spraypaint Collageglued down paper pieces

I used a piece of cardboard for my base and glued random bits of paper on using regular clear school glue. I just scribbled glue onto the cardboard, then put the paper down, adding extra glue to the paper when needed.

Allow to dry.spraypainted paper

I first covered mine pretty solidly with turquoise spray paint. Allow to dry.

Then I added some silver. I was trying to make it pretty light but ended up with one big splotch, which I kind of like, too.paper and spraypaint collage

You could keep adding colors to this with spraypaint or regular paint, draw on it with paint pens, or just leave it as it is.

Have you ever spraypainted on paper? I’d love to know how it turned out, or to see your results if you try this challenge.

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