Make a Pillow {Craft Challenge, Day 127}

Sew a pillow using scarp farbic you made or any fabric you have.

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Now that my scrap fabric has been sewn and stitched on, I knew I wanted to do something cool with it, so I decided to make a pillow. Sew a pillow using scarp farbic you made or any fabric you have.

I happened to have a 14 inch pillow form already in the house (because my craft stash is like that) but you can make your pillow whatever size you happen to have available, or make your own pillow form to whatever size you need for the amount of fabric you have. (Just cut out light fabric in the size you need, sew most of the way around the edges like we’re going to for the main pillow, fill it with fiber stuffing and sew the rest of the way closed). how to make a pillow

I used a plain fabric — the same one I used for my shorts the other day, because it was still on my desk — but you can make both sides scrappy or use whatever fabric you have on hand for the other side.

I cut my backing fabric a little larger than the scrap fabric to help square my edges. testing a sewn pillow cover

Sew around three sides, then turn right side out and stuff the pillow in to make sure everything looks good.

Take the pillow back out and sew from the corner partway across, then from the other corner partway across, leaving five or six inches in the middle unsewn. Trim any excess fabric from the seam allowances, and cut the corners off inside the seam allowances for ease in turning and stuffing. gap in pillow sewing

Flip it right side out again, put the pillow form in, make sure you like the way everything looks and sew the rest of the seam by hand. sewing seam by hand

Even with a bit of hand sewing this is a super quick project and it’s going to look great on my guest bed if I ever take it out of my office. It’s a good reminder for this room, too. make a pillow from scrap fabric

Making pillows is such a great way to change up the look of any room. Do you make your own pillows? I’m thinking hard about recovering the ones in our living room and would love to hear your thoughts or see any pillow covers you have sewn.

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