Crochet Chain Necklace {Craft Challenge, Day 126}

Make a crochet chain necklace for a super quick craft

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I’ve been working on lots of little projects that I hope the kids this summer will enjoy, quick and easy things that will also help me use up little odd balls of yarn.Make a crochet chain necklace for a super quick craft

I decided to make crochet chain jewelry because the chain is so basic and it’s important to be able to make an even length of chain to have successful crochet projects.

I started with a little ball of medium weight green yarn and a corresponding hook (US 7 or 4.5 mm). Chain until you run out of yarn, get bored or decide your chain is long enough. My chain, if I counted correctly, was about 150 chains long.crochet chain

I happened to have this little pendant that is the perfect color and the crochet chain was able to slide through. You could use pony beads or anything with large holes that the chain can slide through to embellish your crochet chain necklace.crochet chain jewelry

To finish it off, use what’s known as a fisherman’s knot: first tie one end to the other piece of yarn, then tie that yarn to the other one. It makes a strong knot that you can trim pretty close to without worry of it coming undone.fisherman's knot

Adjust the chain so the knots will be at the back. Mine doubled is perfect for the neckline of my new dress from StitchFix (yes, that’s an affiliate link, but isn’t it cute?). It will stretch some as you wear it with the weight of the pendant, but it wasn’t a big deal. crochet chain necklace

You could also do this as a wrap bracelet. My chain goes around my wrist six times, and while the pendant is a little heavy for a bracelet, this would be great with chunky beads.

Have you ever made crochet chain jewelry? Check out my crochet chain scarf for another fun and easy beginner crochet project!

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