Crochet a Chain Stitch Scarf Necklace

crochet a chain stitch scarf necklace

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The other day I showed you the basics of crochet, namely chaining and making single crochet. I also shared a simple washcloth pattern you can make with just those two techniques, but what if you want something even simpler?

Here’s a chain stitch scarf or necklace that is exactly that. Nothing but chain stitches. All day long. crochet a chain stitch scarf necklace

It’s another quick and simple project that uses up a ball of yarn — in this case a big, bulky ball — and a little bit of leftover yarn can be used as an accent, too. That may be my favorite part on mine.

There’s so little to this project I feel bad even calling it a pattern, but here it is.

How to Crochet a Chain Stitch Scarf Necklace

To get started, you’ll need a ball of super bulky yarn (mine is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Constellation) and a giant crochet hook. I think mine is an N-13, or 9 mm.

Begin with a slip knot. chain stitch necklace

Chain until you almost run out of yarn. slip stitch join crochet

Join the chain to itself. This is really easy to do. Just put the hook into the first stitch of the chain.joined chain

Bring the yarn over and pull through both loops. Then pull the yarn through that stitch to end the chain loop. (This is also called a slip stitch, which is used to join rounds when you start working crochet in the round/square.)looped chain crochet

Loop the chain around and around into a stacked necklace look. You might want to put it on as you do this so you can be sure you like the look. yarn ends crochet loop

Find where your yarn ends went.

Using a contrasting yarn (or the same yarn, if you want) wrap around the scarf necklace, as much and as tightly as you want. tied on contrasting loop

I started with a single loop and tied the yarn to itself, then wrapped and wrapped, tucking both that yarn end and the chain yarn ends in as I went. wrapping yarn crochet slip stitch scarf

I didn’t measure, but in the end the wrapped piece was about the size of my hand. finished yarn wrap crochet slip stitch scarf

I love this pop of pink, and the yarn actually has a bit of black in it, too, which is cool. The contrast of the big, fluffy metallic and the smoother, thinner wool is great, too.

When you’re ready to finish, just cut the yarn and tuck in that end, too. The crochet hook can help you get it deep under the wraps. wearing the crochet chain stitch scarf

That’s it!

I love this project so much, and I can’t wait to do it with kids. It’s a great way to get really comfortable with making chain stitches, and using bulky yarn makes it go really fast, too. (I worked my chain in a day and did the finishing the next day.)

If you try this project I’d love to hear about it! I’m submitting this project to the Adventures in Making DIY Challenge; you should join in!

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