Painting with Yarn {Craft Challenge, Day 107}

Have lots of yarn scraps? Try yarn painting.

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I have a lot of little bits of yarn. This is just a handful.yarn scraps

It might seem silly to keep them, but I do use them. They’re great for stuffing projects with, and you can use them in art as well.

Even if you don’t have a horde of tiny bits in your house like I do, you can still try your hand at painting with yarn or thread or cotton balls or bits of fabric or whatever you do have in your house. Have lots of yarn scraps? Try yarn painting.

Two Methods for Painting with Yarn

Saying there’s a method involved in painting with yarn (or making pictures out of yarn, maybe more correctly) sounds a little silly. There is glue, and there is yarn. Combine them and you have art.

But you can really go about it two ways. You can plan out a shape that you want to make, draw with the glue (I used good old Aleene’s) and cover it with yarn. painting with glue sculpture

Or you can be more random, letting the glue go where it wants or making a line or a simple shape and then just covering it in yarn more haphazardly, as I did with the square.

I like that it became more of a sculpture, because I let the pieces not be glued down completely. It’s actually a really fun look. arch yarn painting

This is another one that your kids will love, too, so think about creating together and comparing your approaches.

If you (and/or your child) tries this one I would love to see your results and hear about how it went!

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  1. This was a popular craft in the late 60s to make wall art. My sister and I each had a little girl hangings, one blond w pigtails, the other brunette w a pixie cut. The best one was a reproduction of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers which hung at the top of the stairs.

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