Draw with Paint Pens

Add some personality to your slow art project by drawing with paint pens.

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We’ve covered our slow art canvases with paint, paper, more paint and fabric, and now it’s time to draw.

I had some paint pens I’d purchased for a long-ago project that I decided to use to draw with paint pens on my canvas.Add some personality to your slow art project by drawing with paint pens.

Admittedly, my canvas was a little busy for a drawing, and my paint pens were a little too used by a child (I was trying to draw with the white one and it came out black because she’d drawn over wet black paint with the white pen) but I still like the way my little character turned out.paint pen drawing

As you may remember from the self-portrait drawing challenge, I am not great at drawing people, but I used some of the advice in Jenny Doh’s delightful book Craft-a-Doodle to guide me. The “Characters with Personality” prompt from Teesha Moore gives tips on how to draw an interesting face, and while I kind of messed up the eyelash/eyebrow/nose area, I still think it’s pretty cute, and far better than I would have done on my own.little bird paint pen

I tried to add a little bird, too, but you can just barely see him thanks to the combination of a not-great paint pen and the darkness of the background. Lessons learned: check your tools before you try to use them (and buy new paint pens!) and keep the background light if you want to draw over it.

Tomorrow I’ll show you one way to deal with “mistakes” like that funky little bird.

I hope if you haven’t been playing along this week that you’ll take some time this weekend to at least think about what a slow art project might look like for you. Even better, you can start one yourself. If doesn’t take a lot of time commitment each day, but it is a little and real commitment to your art every day, which is really powerful.

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