Take Pictures of Your Day

Take pictures of your day to remind yourself of what's important

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We’re two weeks into the new year! How’s it going? Have you been a little more creative these past few days compared to last year? I hope so.

Today’s challenge is another easy one: take some pictures of your day. Take pictures of your day to remind yourself of what's important

I actually took my pictures yesterday, since pictures of me sitting at my desk all day — which is my normal day — wouldn’t be that interesting for anyone.

Yesterday I got to teach some basic sewing skills to the sixth graders at my daughter’s school, which was oh so much fun.

As much as I love helping grownups be more creative, it’s always great to be around kids while they’re making. They tend to be so much more fearless. They don’t care if they’ve never tried something before, they’re willing to be bad and to practice.

One of the boys, who maybe had never stitched before in his life, made this.kid's stitching

I love this school.

The rest of the day was pretty normal, some writing, some hanging out in my daughter’s classroom because she didn’t want to stop playing after school.

cat companion
The cat under my desk while I worked.

TV, dinner, cleaning, bedtime. Knitting while watching The Man in the High Castle.

I started a chenille washcloth that will go in a gift basket for a silent auction at the girl’s school.

What Your Day Says about You

washcloth knitting
A little washcloth knitting.

It’s an oft-quoted thought that how we spend our days is how we spend our lives, and though I chose to document a day that wasn’t quite normal, I like that so much of this day centered around the girl and her school.

One of the things I love about working from home is that I’m available for things like going in and crafting with the kids, hanging out in her classroom, getting to know the other kids. Helping in ways that play to my strengths.

Days like this make me feel like I have the work-life balance thing down, even though I don’t really believe in such a thing.

I hope even if your day is a busy working day (like yesterday happened to be for Husband) that this challenge will allow you to take a few moments to notice what’s happening around you, to find a moment of calm or beauty or something that helps you step out of the busy and into your life.

I’ d love it if you’d share a picture on Instagram or Twitter and tag it with #ourdailycraft. And have a great rest of your day!

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