An Artistic Do-Over

Fix a mistake in a project with an artistic do-over

Remember that strange little bird from yesterday? It didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Though I wanted to totally go with the flow on this project, that felt like a mistake, and I didn’t want to keep it. When you make a mistake or want to start over on a slow art project, you […]

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Draw with Paint Pens

Add some personality to your slow art project by drawing with paint pens.

We’ve covered our slow art canvases with paint, paper, more paint and fabric, and now it’s time to draw. I had some paint pens I’d purchased for a long-ago project that I decided to use to draw with paint pens on my canvas. Admittedly, my canvas was a little busy for a drawing, and my […]

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Playing with Fabric Scraps

Add fabric on top of the paint on your canvas

Once I had all my paint down I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do next with my slow art project. I started thinking about fabric scraps or more paper to give it a collage look. I went through my fabric drawer, where all the little random bits end up, and found a couple […]

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Add More Color

Adding more paint makes the slow art canvas more colorful.

Here we are on day four of our slow art project. It does feel really slow, right? But I kind of love this pace. It gives you time to think about what you want to do next, to really build on each step and give it time to decide if its complete or not. The […]

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Painting with a Credit Card

Ad more paint to your slow art canvas with a credit card

Now it’s time to add more color to our slow art canvas. Because I sometimes combine fast thinking and slow projects, I kind of picked the colors I chose for mine at random. I wanted a neutral — which is brown — and a couple of brighter colors that would look good with the original […]

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Paint a Canvas — Slow Art

Paint a canvas a solid color to begin a slow art project.

I mentioned yesterday that I have been thinking about slow art and crafts, projects that take a lot of time and are more meditative than those that you can complete quickly. It’s a different way of getting in the flow of things, practice for paying attention and being in the moment. I wanted to try […]

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