Paint a Canvas — Slow Art

Paint a canvas a solid color to begin a slow art project.

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I mentioned yesterday that I have been thinking about slow art and crafts, projects that take a lot of time and are more meditative than those that you can complete quickly.

It’s a different way of getting in the flow of things, practice for paying attention and being in the moment. Paint a canvas a solid color to begin a slow art project.

I wanted to try that on a larger scale by working on a slow art project that would take me all week (or even longer) to complete.

So that’s what we’re starting today.

Each day this week will build on the ones before, so you can work along with me or just file these ideas away for your own slow art project some day in the future. painting a canvas

Today, all we’re doing is getting our canvas and painting it a solid color.

My canvas is a simple 11×14 one I already had in my craft stash. It doesn’t matter how big or small you do this, but having a little room to spread out is good.

I painted mine with DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Finish in New Life, because that’s a color I had on hand in large quantity. And it’s pretty and springlike.

But it really does not matter what color you choose for this first layer; it’s just something to get us past the blank canvas feel and will probably mostly be covered up in the end. painted canvas

Let it dry and leave it alone until tomorrow. Really.

If you’re playing along, or if you’ve done a slow art project before, I’d love to hear about and see your results (tag me with #ourdailycraft).

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