Add Paper to Canvas

Add paper for texture on your slow art canvas.

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Yesterday we started a week-long slow art project by painting a canvas. I like that as a first step even if it eventually gets mostly covered up because it takes away the fear of a blank canvas.Add paper for texture on your slow art canvas.

The next step I did was to add some texture by Mod Podgeing some paper to the canvas.

Because I had it handy, I used some of the old map I used in my mood board collage. I used the Antique Matte formula of Mod Podge just because I have it, but it doesn’t make a difference what you use.

How to Add Paper to Canvasripped up paper on canvas

First I ripped the map into a few pieces. I laid them out basically where I wanted them to go.glued down paper

To use Mod Podge, you apply a layer to the back of the pieces with a foam brush and position them.

Allow the glue to dry before applying a layer all over the canvas to seal the edges.mod podge paper on canvas

I didn’t do a perfect job with mine, but I don’t mind.

You can use any kind of paper you have handy for this, from the pages of an old book to a magazine. Again, you’re not really going to see the writing or the pictures that are on the paper when the project is done (unless you want to) so the shape and position of the pieces is really the important part.

If you’re playing along I’d love to see your progress. You can always tag me with the hashtag #ourdailycraft.

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