Add More Color

Adding more paint makes the slow art canvas more colorful.

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Here we are on day four of our slow art project. It does feel really slow, right?

But I kind of love this pace. It gives you time to think about what you want to do next, to really build on each step and give it time to decide if its complete or not.Adding more paint makes the slow art canvas more colorful.

The next step for me, after adding the color with the credit card, was to add a bit more color.

This time I chose green and orange, a combination I have been enjoying lately. Must be thinking of summer.dots of paint on canvas

I squeezed the paint bottles so they would leave drops on the canvas.

Then I decided I didn’t want it to be just drops, so I took a Q-Tip and ran it through some of the drops to make streaks and combine the colors a bit.streaky paint

That’s it.

You can add more colors, do another round of credit card painting with your lines going the other direction, even actually paint an image on the background if you want. I’m going for a very mixed media collage kind of feel so I didn’t want to really paint something (though a drawing is coming up soon, and I may yet decide on more literal painting later).

But that’s the beauty of this process. You can do whatever you want whenever you want and if you don’t like something you can always cover it up and try again, or leave it and see if you end up liking it more later.

If you’re playing along I’d love to see your progress or hear how it is going!

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