Monthly Goals: Keeping Up

My goal for March is trying to keep up. What's yours?

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This has not been a great year for goal setting or goal keeping so far.

In January I was going to clean my office and keep my desk cleared off. It’s March, and both my office and my desk are still a wreck (but a couple of big wreck-making things have happened and are done and I hope to get this one off the list this month).

February was supposed to be all about making plans. And I guess it was, a little. But I’d hoped that I would be able to plan out the whole month, know exactly what I needed to do at any given time, and feel totally relaxed and in control and ahead of the game, even. My goal for March is trying to keep up. What's yours?

You can stop laughing now.

So, March.

I felt like I had a plan going in, and it’s only day two but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I had a big non-work project I finished up this morning, I have three posts for other sites due in the next three days, a conference call on Friday and all my regular work.

Not complaining, but it really is busy up here.

It’s a good busy, it’s all stuff I want to do, but it does feel just slightly crazy.


My goal.

Getting Back to Basics

I know I do the best with a combination of a filled-in editorial calendar (or three), a specific to-do list and a timer.

So those are my tools for getting back on track this month.

I’m going to actually schedule time to work on editorial plans for my various sites and to slot in deadlines and posts that I haven’t already written down.

At the end of each day I’ll write a specific list of things that need to be done the next day, with priority numbers attached (because sometimes that helps me focus and I like being able to say at the end of the day “I got six things done!”).

And I’ll use my timer and get it all done, 25 minutes at a time.

So that’s the plan.

No big goal, though there are definitely some big things I want to get done this month.

Just focused working, as much as possible with spring break happening this month.

What about you? What’s your goal for March?

If you’re a blogger you can share your thoughts on your goal for the month — or progress you made last month — at the link up here.

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