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Do you use Pinterest deliberately to get inspired? Try it!

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Today’s challenge is sort of the digital version of yesterday’s inspiration wire challenge.

There is so much fun, inspirational stuff out there on the Internet, whether projects you want to try, techniques to explore or just pretty pictures or objects that can inspire your own creations.

The task today is easy: take 10 minutes (you might actually want to set a timer) and look for inspiring things on Pinterest.

Do you use Pinterest deliberately to get inspired? Try it!
Photos via erinashleyart on etsy, crafting zuzzy and colin johnson via flickr.

It could be quotes related to creativity (I love these from the Artful Parent), visuals you love, blog posts on a technique or medium you want to try.

creativity quotes
Creativity quotes via the Artful parent.

Deliberately looking for inspiration on Pinterest is not something I do that often, but isn’t that what it’s there for?

My Boards to Inspire You

I have several boards that are great for inspiration that you might like to follow or pin from as you get started.

  • Art: general posts on art, techniques and activities for kids and adults
  • Art Journaling: visuals and how-tos specific to keeping an art journal
  • Visuals: inspiring images, lots of knitting and cats

my visuals pinterest boardDo you have a board — or several — for inspirational purposes rather than specific things you want to make or do? I’d love to see them in the comments!

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