Revamp (or Install) Your Inspiration Wire

Do you have an inspiration wire or board? Clean it up with today's #ourdailycraft challenge.

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Just above my computer monitor in my office, there’s a little piece of wire hanging between two nails. It’s been there for a few years, and I hang things from it that I like, things to inspire me, things the girl demands I hang up, whatever.

It’s gotten a little overloaded recently. And I haven’t changed anything out in a while. messy inspiration wire

If you have an inspiration space like this, whether it’s a wire or a bulletin board, odds are it might have gotten a little stale, too.

And if you don’t have a place like this in your home or office somewhere, it’s time to add one. All you need are two nails and some kind of wire (mine’s actually jewelry making wire), string or strong yarn. Hammer in the nails, attach the string material and you’re ready to hang. Do you have an inspiration wire or board? Clean it up with today's #ourdailycraft challenge.

My Revamped Inspiration Wire

First I took down everything that was on the wire. It was seriously overloaded with art, trinkets, pictures and other stuff. Lots of great stuff, but too much stuff.

Then I decided which things really needed to stay:

  • a painting I made with some leftover paint after the girl finished a project
  • a meme-like picture of a friend holding a gigantic squash
  • a quote from a fellow knitter that keeps me going
  • a cheerful printoutnew inspiration wire

I added a few new things

  • a #tcoyos bead my squash-loving friend made at our last retreat
  • my “clear” collage from the other day
  • a picture of my happy place, Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, Mass., which had been buried on my bulletin board (we’ll have to get to that on another day)

I used a colorful clip, some washi-taped clothespins and a couple of plain mini clothespins to attach things to the wire.

I hope I revisit it more often this year.

Do you have an inspiration wire or other space? I’d love to see it. Take a picture and tag it with #ourdailycraft so I can see what inspires you!

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  1. That’s a great idea! My only fear is I will start running wires all across my office like my grandmother used to do when she was drying clothes 🙂

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