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washi clip art wire

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Like a lot of crafters, I’m kind of obsessed with washi tape. This pretty paper tape is available at craft stores and super stores, anywhere with a crafts section.

It seems like a simple thing, but it’s a great way to pretty up everyday things and get a “craft project” done in no time. washi clips

Why Washi?

I think it’s great to make objects you handle or see every day a little prettier. When you pick up a washi’d clip it will bring a little smile to your face, which we could all use.

It takes about a minute to cover a clothespin or binder clip with washi, but the happiness will last a lot longer.

It may sound like I’m overselling this simple craft, and maybe I am, but couldn’t we all use a little more pretty?

What You’ll Needwashi clothespins

  • clothespins, binder clips or other things you want to make pretty
  • washi tape
  • adhesive-backed magnets (optional)
  • scissors

What You’ll Domaking washi clothespins

Cut tape (rather than tearing) to the length of your clip or a little longer.
Press down, covering the whole clothespin or clip. Trim if necessary. You can also wrap the edges over to the other side for a clean look on the front.

washi magnet

Repeat on the other side, or add a sticky-backed magnet to turn the clip into a magnet.washi clips colored

Make some more.
Use them everywhere.

Project Ideas

I used washi tape on clothespins to use on my art wire. I also made a giant binder clip and a little clip that’s actually a clip you use to make a hanger into a pants hanger, but that we use for chip clips. (To fit it into the curves I used my X-Acto knife to trim.)washi clip art wire

Of course you can use washi on all sorts of daily-use things beyond clips, and I’m sure I’ll share more ideas soon, but think about little notebooks, pencil cups, the edges of your scissor handles, or anything else you use often.

And think about also just using it as tape. (Shocking, I know!) I have calendars taped to my wall and computer tower with washi, which adds a little more cute to my day.

How do you use washi? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Thanks for visiting, commenting and sharing.

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