A Quick Recycling Craft for Kids

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diy ispyI have a million things I want to write about right now, but the weight of having just a handful of days between me and spring break (and only a few more between me and Blissdom, and way too many details that need to be ironed out, like how I’m actually going to get there…) means that I need to try to keep things short and sweet and save the good better stuff for when I have a little more time for thinking.

One really good thing I did recently is make an I-spy bag out of junk I had lying around the house. The Bit loves it, and it took all of five minutes to put together.

I’m sharing all the details over at my friend Fawn’s blog, Instead of the Dishes (isn’t that a great name?) today. This month she’s hosting a lot of great Arkansas bloggers (she’s still an Arkansas blogger in our hearts, even though she lives in Missouri now), so go check it out!

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