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I feel like this blog has come a really long way in the past year. In December of 2011, I published just seven posts. I was starting to try to take it more seriously then, but I got more into it with the turn of the year and published 17 posts in January 2012. (Still working on that “daily” goal; this is post 16 of the year so far.)

My traffic has grown, I finally have more than 100 Facebook likes (thanks to a lot of my actual friends liking my page, even if they’re not that into crafting), and I feel like I’m reaching people I don’t know and hopefully giving people some good ideas about crafting, blogging and life.

Always More to Do

But I have a lot of other goals. More traffic, better engagement, of course. But I also want to make this a good place for my visitors, a place where it’s easy to find what you need, ask a question if you want and start a conversation. kick-start my blog

With all that in mind I’m taking part in the Arkansas Women Bloggers Kick-Start My Blog challenge, which just started up and will take place throughout the month of February. That link there is to the first part of the challenge, should you want to check it out, about five ways you can improve your blog in five minutes (I already have a few of them going for me).

In addition to that, I have a new theme I’ve been meaning to install for a while now and hopefully will get on that one weekend soon, so if you see me while I’m moving furniture around, please be patient and ignore the disheveled hair.

Is there anything you’d like to see on this blog? General craft tips? More about actually crafting with your kids? Specific projects? We do a lot of open-ended stuff that I realize may not be completely reproducible, but I hope at least is inspiring. Please let me know if there’s any way I can help you and/or your kids to be more creative, make time for crafts or just to know what to try when you do have crafty time together!

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