A Challenging Month {One Little Word}

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My focus for February was supposed to be “Create Art,” which I intended to mean playing with different kinds of art and craft and just making lots of stuff.

I mixed my cards at random and I’d really hoped to get this month later in the year, when I’d made more time in my schedule for regular creative pursuits outside of my job.

I still had high hopes for the month, signing up for a Mexi-boho bag class with the awesome Crafty Chica, as well as taking part in a handmade swap at Artella (which is actually going to keep going into this month). I shared one of the things I made for my muse earlier; I can’t wait to show you the goodies I got.

sewing table wall
My sad empty wall.

But I really suffered this month at getting much of anything done other than knitting projects. Part of that was not wanting to sew because I’m looking for a sewing table and I’m frustrated at having to work in the cramped space at the edge of my desk that I’ve used for sewing for the past two years.

I think I got too much into left-brain stuff: doing taxes, taking a class on blog planning, listening to some stuff on productivity. Useful stuff, but I think it zapped the creative right out of me. I procrastinated on projects — even those I wanted to do — which is a sure sign something is wrong.

Don’t Call it a “Vision Board”

The task for the month from One Little Word was to make a vision board, which I resisted because I hate that language. But when my brain started calling it a collage instead — and it was the last day of the month — I finally relaxed and played with it. one little word collage

It turned out to be fun. Which makes sense, since I’m getting into art journaling these days. I did mine over two pages in my Smash book, which has become a sort of art journal/place to write down things related to One Little Word and now my rereading of SARK’s Making Your Creative Dreams Real (more on that soon).

My collage was deeply influenced by my planning for this project. And it seems to be telling me to take up meditation. Stay tuned.

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