A Word for 2023: Calibrate

I just looked it up and I’ve been doing One Little Word (with more or less success/focus) since 2013! That’s 10 years of words to guide me and help shape my year. I’m a fan of just letting my word come to me and not giving it too much thought, and this year’s word came […]

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A Little Word for 2022: Release

I’ve been coming up with a little word for each year since 2013 (though I haven’t always written about it). I don’t always do a great job of keeping the word on my mind through the year — last year’s word, experiment, didn’t come up much in my daily life — but each year I […]

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Make Your Year Great with a Word

Make the next year even better with a little word.

I used to make the longest lists of resolutions about this time of year. I’d have so much I wanted to do or change there would practically be a different thing I could focus on every week of the new year. Those resolutions lists began to look a lot like to-do lists, and they weren’t […]

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Monthly Goals: Take it All in

June goals update

It’s been a while since I talked about, or really even thought about, my One Little Word for the year, which is clear. Halfway through the year I hoped I’d have clarity about my work, clearer spaces in my home and clear systems in my work. I do have a little more clarity in my […]

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