A Word for 2023: Calibrate

I just looked it up and I’ve been doing One Little Word (with more or less success/focus) since 2013! That’s 10 years of words to guide me and help shape my year. I’m a fan of just letting my word come to me and not giving it too much thought, and this year’s word came […]

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A Little Word for 2022: Release

I’ve been coming up with a little word for each year since 2013 (though I haven’t always written about it). I don’t always do a great job of keeping the word on my mind through the year — last year’s word, experiment, didn’t come up much in my daily life — but each year I […]

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Make Your Year Great with a Word

Make the next year even better with a little word.

I used to make the longest lists of resolutions about this time of year. I’d have so much I wanted to do or change there would practically be a different thing I could focus on every week of the new year. Those resolutions lists began to look a lot like to-do lists, and they weren’t […]

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Monthly Goals: Take it All in

June goals update

It’s been a while since I talked about, or really even thought about, my One Little Word for the year, which is clear. Halfway through the year I hoped I’d have clarity about my work, clearer spaces in my home and clear systems in my work. I do have a little more clarity in my […]

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One Little Word for the New Year

do you use one little word? Learn about mine for 2016

Much like with more traditional resolutions, I start out the year with the best of intentions. 2016 will be my fourth year of using one little word to guide my thinking, actions and intentions for the year, but I don’t always do a good job carrying it through. My word for 2015 was simplify, and […]

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