My Awesomely Spectacular Craft Fail of the Day

right sides together fail

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You’d think I’d learn.

I’ve been taking part in an every-other-week crafting challenge all year now, and I still end up procrastinating and trying to make the whole thing on the day before (or the day) it’s due.

So that means today, on what felt like not enough sleep after a whirlwind knitting weekend (which I will share more about soon, I promise) I decided I was going to sew a skirt to embellish (the challenge, as you’ll see tomorrow, has to do with using notions, so I was going to sew some rick-rack on the bottom and make a little flower out of a button and some embroidery).

First I went through my fabric stash and found some red stuff I thought would be suitable, but it was a little see-through, so I thought I’d make a bubble skirt.

But then I couldn’t find the pattern for the bubble skirt I made the Bit last year almost exactly around this time (though, if I’d searched my blog I could have found it), so while I was looking for it on my Pinterest board I came across a skirt made out of an adult T-shirt and thought that would be perfect.

It started out OK, despite my apparent inability to properly sew knits on my regular sewing machine or to properly wind a bobbin. It’s Monday, right?skirt start

The waistband ended up way wonky, and you can really tell because my thread doesn’t match. I figured it would be OK for the pictures tomorrow and then I could redo it. waistband sewing

But then I noticed this.

right sides together fail
If you look closely, you can see that the front is the front of a shirt and the back has the back facing out. Oops.

I sewed the front of one side out and the back of the other side out.


So much for a quick and easy project.

It’s still going to be really cute, once I rip it all out and start over. In the meantime, I’d better figure out something else to craft for tomorrow!

Have you done anything that made you hit yourself in the forehead lately? Please share; it’ll make me feel better.

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