Make Art with a Leaf

Making art with leaves is fun and simple.

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The girl likes to pick things up outside, like most kids do, and I sometimes have trouble just throwing them back outside even though she doesn’t ever notice if I do.
Making art with leaves is fun and simple.

Which explains why this giant magnolia leaf has been in our house for a few months now.dried magnolia leaf

I decided I wanted to do something with it; I hoped a couple of things, but I ended up using a few different leaves for making some projects that you might want to try as well.

How to Make Art with a Leaf

There are a lot of possible options for making art with a leaf.magnolia leaf rubbing

You can take a rubbing, which is what I did first. I did mine from the back because the veins were more pronounced back there.

Because the leaf was so old and dry it cracked when I took the rubbing, so I had to go find some new leaves for my other projects.drawing on leaves

I really wanted to draw on the leaves so I used paint pens, Sharpies and a chalkboard marker to make simple designs.

You could also paint on the leaf, or use the leaf as a stamp (where you paint on the leaf and then press it into paper).make art with a leaf

I really love this little guy. It came out pretty much exactly the way I imagined, which is pretty rare.

I hope this weekend takes you outside for a little nature collecting that turns into nature crafting (and if it does, grab a rock while you’re out there; you’ll need it soon).

If you do make any art with leaves this weekend (or any time!) I’d love to see it. Tag your photos with #ourdailycraft.

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