Finger Painting

Break out the finger paints (or any paints!) and have fun painting with your fingers.

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This morning I just needed to do something fun.

Something playful.

Something there’s no possible way could be wrong, or messed up or anything other than just what it is.

So I pulled out my daughter’s now quite neglected finger paints and went to town. Break out the finger paints (or any paints!) and have fun painting with your fingers.

About Finger Paintingfinger paint

If you have a little kid in the house — or still have their paint stash from when they were little — you probably know that finger paint is thicker than traditional paint. The texture feels a little different too. It’s maybe more slippery, like it’s supposed to move around easily when you rub it around with your fingers.

It’s super fun.

But if you don’t have actual finger paints, you can use any kind of paint you have on hand (ha!) for this project, just use your fingers instead of a brush.

Finger Painting Playfinger paint art journaling page

I started out simple, with a few dots and lines on an art journal page that I scribbled on a couple of weeks ago. wet streaks finger paint

Then I started making streaks with the different colors. See how shiny it is when it’s wet?dots and lines

I reserved one finger for each color, then did dots with my whole hand at once.

Finally I did a page of good old fashioned messy colors. Imagine what a two-year-old would do with finger paints and do that. finger paint like a kid

So. Much. Fun.

And so easy.

And it doesn’t take a lot of time.

But it does feel good.

Creating is supposed to be fun, right?

If you have any fun creative projects planned for the weekend, I’d love to hear about them! And if you try out finger painting, or any of the other creative challenges here, I’d love to see your results. Just add the tag #ourdailycraft when you share them online.

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