Make One-Line Drawings

Make a drawing using only one line.

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Some days require a simple, fun challenge, and today was one of those days.

One-line drawings, also known as continuous line drawings or contour drawings, are pretty much exactly what they sound like: you draw something all in one line, without ever picking up the pen or pencil as you go. Make a drawing using only one line.

It’s actually a kind of complex technique to do well because you really have to think about what you’re drawing and how to do it without picking up the pen.

You can draw people, animals or anything else using just one line.

My One-Line Drawingstree face line drawing

I made a tree. That kind of looks like a face?

Then I decided to try to draw some things in my office, because if you don’t know what to draw, drawing what you see is a good place to start. scissors one line srawing

So I drew what’s supposed to be a pair of scissors. one-line drawing camera

At least my camera actually looks like a camera.

It’s fun to try this, and you can do it anywhere, with whatever pen and paper you have handy.

If you do give it a try, I’d love to see your results; tag #ourdailycraft on Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. Ha! There was a puzzle, I think designed by the mathematician Mobius. I can’t find it on line but I’ll describe it. You start with a rectangle that is divided the long way into two halves. Then the top half is divided vertically into two parts and the bottom half into three equal parts. This should give you a total of five smaller rectangles. The object of the puzzle is to start at any place on the puzzle and draw one continuous line that crosses all the lines of the puzzle without crossing any line twice! If you can solve it, let me know!

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