Create Where You Are

Create where you are with what you have to get making into even busy days.

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I’m kind of astounded that I’ve made it 50 days into this project. I’m so glad I’ve done it, because it’s nice to work a little bit of creativity into every day, and to share simple ways that you can do it, too.

The girl is not always ready to leave school when I come to pick her up, and I usually have a knitting project at the ready to work on when she wants to spend more time playing or, just as likely, drawing and coloring a picture.

But yesterday I’d just finished up a project and didn’t have anything handy to grab, so I took a book.

I read for a little while, then decided to join her in doing something creative instead. drawing loops

I grabbed a piece of paper and doodled some circles on top of each other. coloring loops

Then I started coloring.

I picked colors at random, with the only rule being the same color couldn’t touch itself. colored loops

You probably made some of these when you were a kid, right?

It helped the time pass quickly, and I felt good about using that time for something creative, even something very simple. And it’s always nice to make alongside the girl.

How You Can Create Where You AreCreate where you are with what you have to get making into even busy days.

Being able to create where you are takes practice, and it’s not always as simple as picking up art supplies in the kindergarten centers room.

But there’s probably something you can do wherever you are. A lot of the projects I’ve covered so far in this challenge can be done anywhere, with just paper and pen or some other easy-to-find items. Such as:

If you have a portable craft, you can bring it along, too. We’re actually going to talk more about that in tomorrow’s challenge.

Do you use the little pockets of time in your day to get creative? I’d love to know what you do. And if you take some time to be creative today, I’d love to see what you make. Tag me with #ourdailycraft.

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