Creativity Boost: Start Small

Need a creative boost? Start small.

I’d guess I’m not alone in feeling like there is no season that is not busy anymore. It used to feel like things calmed down every now and then, like there was not quite so much clamoring for attention all the time. But it’s been about five months now that I’ve been looking ahead to […]

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Create Where You Are

Create where you are with what you have to get making into even busy days.

I’m kind of astounded that I’ve made it 50 days into this project. I’m so glad I’ve done it, because it’s nice to work a little bit of creativity into every day, and to share simple ways that you can do it, too. The girl is not always ready to leave school when I come […]

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Zen and the Art of Mothering

girl mud

We all know that our time with our kids is much too fleeting. Even though we seem to always be wishing for the roads to thaw or the summer to end, we know we need to hang on to these precious moments while we can have them. The passage of time seems ever-more prominent at […]

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