Creativity Boost: What Can You Give Up?

creativity boost: what can you give up for your creativity?

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might have missed that I spent the weekend at a blogger conference, which is always nice to do because I see old friends and get inspired about what direction I want my blog, and my life, to go.

Now that I have a little more time because summer is over, I really want to get back to encouraging people more in their own creativity, so I hope to take some time each week to offer a creativity boost you can put into action right away to live a more creative life.creativity boost: what can you give up for your creativity?

What Can You Give Up?

This week’s challenge is to think of three things — or at least one thing, if three is too much right now — you can give up in support of your creativity.

We all have bad habits and things we do without thinking that we could remove from our lives to give ourselves more space and energy to create with.

My Three Things

Back when I was writing for About, I used to knit every evening while we watched TV, and in pretty much every other spare moment.

I’ve gotten away from doing that, and I do kind of miss it.

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So my first thing is wanting to give up that time of just sitting in front of the TV and to use that time for making instead.

My second thought was that I need to give up checking Facebook right before bed. It’s better not to be on devices at night for a lot of reasons, and I don’t really get anything out of it.

Instead, I want to use that time for reading a real book, which is at least inspirational if not strictly creative.

My third thing is to stop eating lunch at my desk.What could you give up to have more time for creativity?

It’s a simple thing that doesn’t sound like a creativity boost, but I think it will be.

Just getting away from my desk to read or write in a notebook or just sit outside for a few minutes will be restorative and probably help me come up with creative ideas. Plus, a break from the computer sounds really nice.

You Try It

So, that’s what I’m going to try this week. What about you? What can you give up to make space for creativity?

I’d love to hear what you’re giving up and how it goes!

Also, I made my first ever Facebook Live video related to this topic! Check it out.

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