Meet Your Resolutions with Craftsy Classes

Use Craftsy to meet your resolutions

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I’m kind of obsessed with buying Craftsy classes (and I’m an affiliate, by the way, so if you follow any of the links in this post and buy something I’ll get a little kickback).

The only problem is, I usually don’t actually watch the Craftsy classes I buy, or I start them right away but then get busy and never finish them.

New resolution: actually watching the Craftsy classes I own.Use Craftsy to meet your resolutions

I mean, how much more great stuff would I know if I had just watched those classes? Let’s see.

[Tweet “I actually took all the @becraftsy classes I own, I’d be a sewing expert and have marital bliss.”]

That only scratches the surface of the amazing potential I’ve got hiding in my purchased classes, and is not even to mention the classes I’d like to own but don’t, like Artisan Bread Making, The Ultimate T-Shirt Quilt, 10 Marvelous Mixed Media Techniques or Mixed Media Essentials: Color, Design & Texture.

So much great stuff! Imagine how much more creative and skilled I would be if I actually took all those courses!

This has been kind of a silly post but I do love Craftsy classes and it’s not at all their fault I never finish them. (And really, I have finished several. I just have a lot more unfinished.) If I just took a lunch break and watched a segment or two every day, I’d be through those classes — and a lot smarter — in no time.

Are you a Craftsy addict? Is there something there that can help you meet your resolutions too? I’d love to hear about it.

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