Make Your Year Great with a Word

Make the next year even better with a little word.

I used to make the longest lists of resolutions about this time of year. I’d have so much I wanted to do or change there would practically be a different thing I could focus on every week of the new year. Those resolutions lists began to look a lot like to-do lists, and they weren’t […]

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Another Try at One Little Word


Regular readers of my blog may remember early last year (!) when I was focusing on One Little Word. This is actually a formal program from the world of scrapbooking but is a meaningful way to frame and focus your year without the use of formal resolutions. My word for 2013 was create, and for […]

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Creating a Life in 2013

pin less create more

Some friends and I were discussing New Year’s resolutions on Facebook the other day, and after I mentioned my ridiculous list of goals I wrote at the beginning of 2012, a couple of people mentioned the concept of choosing one word that would color your choices and actions throughout the year. I really like that […]

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