Designate a Travel Project

Do you have a creative project you take with you? Why you need a travel project and how to choose one.

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Piggybacking on yesterday’s challenge about creating where you are, this becomes much easier if you always have a project with you, which can happen when you designate a travel project. Do you have a creative project you take with you? Why you need a travel project and how to choose one.

Benefits of a Travel Project

  • If you have something you can carry with you, you’re more likely to be creative in those gap moments like waiting at the doctor’s office or in the pickup line at school.
  • You’ll get a project finished that much more quickly if you take it with you everywhere.
  • It’s an easy way to fit creativity in every day, no matter how busy your schedule.
  • You won’t feel like you’re wasting time when you have to wait for people.
  • Being creative helps relieve stress, which we can all use throughout our day, right?

How to Pick a Travel Project

What you work on when you’re out and about needs to be small and stay relatively small throughout the process of making it.

My travel project are usually knitting, of course, and throughout the fall I was working on a color-blocked cowl as my travel project. travel project cowl

Then I tried to knit on it in the dark and messed it up and haven’t bothered to fix it. It was getting kind of big to lug around, anyway.

More commonly these days my travel project has just been whatever I’m working on, but I need to get back to this shawl, which is still pretty small and manageable on the go. hitchiker travel project

It needs to be something that you can pick up and put down easily, such as a knitting or crochet project with simple stitch patterns, an easy cross stitch chart, a little notebook in which you can draw or write small projects or snippets.

Your travel project may be a project in your major craft or not. Maybe traveling gives you a chance to work on hand sewing, which you never do otherwise, or to try out embroidery stitches or to write poetry or whatever you want to try that you can do on a small scale on the go.

Traveling with a Travel Project

This is easier for women, of course, because you can often just tuck your travel project into your bag. My purse is actually a large knitting bag, so it has room for my project and all my other stuff.

If you don’t have a big bag you can make a travel kit for your car (which I will talk about more soon) that you can carry around when you know you’re going to have extra time somewhere.

Or just carry a notebook that will fit in your pocket or bag or laptop case. You can do a lot with just paper and a couple of pens or a set of colored pencils.

Do you have a travel project? I’d love to hear what you work on when you’re on the go and how you travel with it!

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