Found Object Drawings

Use random everyday objects as a starter for a drawing

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Today’s challenge is all about seeing common things in a different way. And you can do it wherever you are.

Pick up a couple of things from your desk, bedside table, junk drawer, countertop. Use random everyday objects as a starter for a drawing

I picked a paper clip and a flat circle magnet, both on my counter from when husband cleaned out the junk drawer over the weekend.

Once you have your items, incorporate them into drawings.

Examples of Found Object Drawings

I was thinking about this project before I sat down to do it, and I knew I wanted to use a paperclip. I actually thought I was going to use both of these things in the same drawing, and that it was going to be a giraffe, with a paper clip neck and head and spots drawn using the circle.

But when I bent the paper clip, I decided it looked like a penguin. penguin made with paper clip

I do not know what penguin feet look like, it turns out.

Then the circle I thought was going to be a flower, but when I drew the first petal I thought I looked like the wing of a Snitch. dot bug

So I drew another “wing” and some movement lines. Now it looks like a bug.

Either way. The exploration and playing are the key parts, not what comes out in the end.

Another Thing to Try

Something else you can try, if starting with a blank page is too much for where you are today, is to rip out a random picture — or actually part of a random picture — from a magazine and use that as the beginning of your drawing.

This is explained as a prompt for kids over on The Artful Parent, but it’s a great way to jumpstart anyone’s creativity.

What are you making today? I’d love to see it with the hashtag #ourdailycraft on social!

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