Painting with Leaves

painted leaves

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Are there fallen leaves everywhere where you live? We are making a valliant effort to keep up, but they just keep falling!

Last weekend the girl and I went on a leaf hunt and decided to do some crafting with some pretty leaves we found.

We painted the leaves and then pressed them onto paper. leaf paiting

This worked better sometimes than others, but was still a lot of fun.

leaf print dots
The girl made this one with prints and dots, then cut it out.

I really liked this two-tone one I made, but clearly the print did not come out great.

painted leaf
My painted leaf.

I also just love the way the painted leaves look.

painted leaves
Pretty painted leaves.

To do this project yourself, all you need is some leaves, some construction paper, paint of your choice and paint brushes. It takes no time at all to set up but is fun for kids and adults alike.

Do you ever paint or otherwise craft with fall leaves? I’d love to hear what you’ve done!

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  1. I actually pressed pretty leaves between sheets of wax paper with the iron and then let them cool. Once cool, the paper can be removed and the leaves usually retain their color. I put them on construction paper that I had cut with pinking shears and then hung them around the house for festive autumn decoration 🙂 So far, most of them stayed with double sided tape. On those that did not, I just moved the thumbtack to be in part of the leaf. They were brassy tacks and fit with the color of the leaves anyway!

  2. I used to love taking leaves and putting them under a thin piece of paper, then coloring over the leaf. The design just fascinated me, all the little veins, the stem, etc. This is such a fun activity, and I feel your pain. We are completely covered up in leaves right now. lol Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah!

  3. Yes. They just keep falling, don’t they? We did some rubbings last year and that was lots of fun, too. I used the paper as stationery afterward. Hope you have a great holiday too!

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