Making Paper Bag Puppets (Your Own or With a Kit)

playing with paper bag puppets

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How to make paper bag puppets, with a kit or on your own.

I like to give the girl crafty gifts and I have a lot of things on her wish list that are craft kits and other things I think she’ll like but that are kind of special because we don’t use craft kits all that often. This year someone bought her the ALEX Toys Paper Bag Puppets Kit, which had been on her list for a while and I thought she would like. And I was right.

Playing with the Kit

The kit includes colored paper bags and all the decorations you need to make five puppets: a lion, an elephant, a bird, a cow and a frog.

making paper bag puppets

There are cardstock pieces you glue to the bag (with the included giant glue stick) as well as stickers you can use for further decoration.

It comes with illustrated instructions suggesting how you might put the puppet together, but the girl wasn’t too interested in that.

playing with paper bag puppets

She enjoyed it enough to make two of the puppets straight away (and wanted to play with them the next morning), and she’s made another one since.

They’re really cute, the materials are well made and they’re easy for little hands to put together.

This would make a great gift for a crafty kid of preschool age (it’s formally rated for age 3 and up thanks to stickers and glue).

Making Your Own Bag Puppets

There are so many cute printables and ideas you can use to make quick and easy paper bag puppets. Such as:

  • ABC Teach has a ton of paper bag puppet printables, ranging from a bunny to a spider, a raccoon to a butterfly. You’ll also find Santa, an elf and lots of other fun stuff.
  • DLTK’s Crafts for Kids is another great source, with projects that include an alien monster, vampire and pilgrims, to name a few that are great for upcoming holidays.
  • Plaid has some cute lion and lamb puppets, which are of course made with paint, but you could use crayons or markers for little ones.
  • These pig and dog puppets from 86 Lemons use colored bags, but they certainly don’t have to.
  • This one isn’t actually a printable, but add a funny hat and some facial features to make scarecrow puppets, like these from First Grade Wow.
  • Also not a printable, but the paper bag turkey craft from Learn Create Love is a classic, and totally adorable.
paper bag monster puppet
This is a monster puppet (I think) that went with this little fall scene from the back of the Ladybug magazine.

Or just give your kid some paper bags and crayons and have them go to town.

Do you make paper bag puppets with your kids? I’d love to hear what they do.

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