The Case of the Tangled Doll Hair {Found it on Pinterest}

doll hair baby oil

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A long time ago I used to do a “Found it on Pinterest” Friday post where I made something or tried something I had pinned and reported on it.

As part of my spring cleaning of my Pinterest boards, I’ve decided to make an effort to do that again. I started with an easy one: detanglers for messy doll hair.

I actually tried one of these a long time ago (December 2011, to be exact) and never wrote about it because it didn’t really work.

The first one was this one from Snippets of My Family, which suggested using baby oil and shampoo to calm down crazy doll hair. Looking at the before and after, it did seem to smooth it down a bit, but the effect didn’t last.

doll hair baby oil
First attempt at calming doll hair worked a little.

The one I tried yesterday is another good lesson about cleaning your Pinterest boards, because the blog it was linked to no longer exists. But I remembered it had something to do with liquid fabric softener, which I had purchased just for this purpose, so I could find it on another site (I looked at Simply Clean Living).

What I did, because my child always steals my spray bottles and I didn’t have one handy, was mix equal parts of liquid fabric softener and water. I poured it over the doll’s head, let it soak in a minute and then brushed it with a wide-toothed comb.

detangle doll hair
Hard to tell the difference, but it did calm down a little.

It worked a little bit to straighten out some of the hair. But this doll has seriously crazy curly hair, so I would have had to really work at it to get it all smooth, and I just didn’t have the time.

detangel doll hair
And from the front it actually looks pretty good.

Still, this might be a keeper, and I certainly want to try it on her Target American Girl knock-off doll, which has the same crazy hair as the girl.

Have you ever tried detangling a doll’s hair? I’d love to hear what worked — or what didn’t!

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