Washer Bracelets {Craft Challenge, Day 132}

Make washer bracelets or use them for other purposes

I told you yesterday that I was going to make something fun with the painted washers, so here’s what I came up with. Make simple washer bracelets to go with your washer necklace, or use them as keychains, zipper pulls or in other fun ways. How to Make Washer Bracelets I will admit that making […]

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Make a Washer Necklace {Craft Challenge, Day 13}

Make a washer necklace from supplies you already have

This week’s craft challenges are inspired by some materials I bought at the home improvement store probably more than two years ago, if I’m being honest. It’s fun to rediscover supplies you maybe forgot about or just haven’t used in a long time, because it’s like going shopping in your house. You get new things […]

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