Painted Washers {Craft Challenge, Day 131}

Make painted washers to use in jewelry projects

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In addition to the larger washers I had in my stash, one of which I used to make a washer necklace, I also have a box of 100 1/4 inch washers I wanted to do something with. Make painted washers to use in jewelry projects

I’ve seen a lot of people paint washers with nail polish, but I wanted to try some different things with my washers. painted washers acrylic

Some of them I painted with regular acrylic paint. I added dots to some with a Q-tip dipped in paint. spraypainted washers

I also spray painted a few turquoise and a few more silver, even though the washers were already silver. fingernail polish painted washers

And then, since we had the fingernail polish out over the weekend, I did a few that way, too.

So you’ll know, the kid nail polish didn’t work nearly as well as the stuff made for grownups (isn’t that always the case?). I liked the Sally Hansen ones the best, because they are nice and thick. That’s the blue and the green in the picture above.

It’s funny how having such a tiny canvas to work with really is fun and stretches you to think about what you can do with such a little bit of paint.

And what do you do with all those painted washers when you’re done? I’d love to hear your ideas, and I’ll share one of mine tomorrow.

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