How to Sew a Pillow

How to sew a quick and easy pillow from scrap fabric

As you may have heard by now, the girl started kindergarten this year. It’s a whole new world in a lot of different ways, and they try to make things a little easier during the transition time by having “rest time” part of the year in lieu of a nap. Because there are lots of […]

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Zen and the Art of Mothering

girl mud

We all know that our time with our kids is much too fleeting. Even though we seem to always be wishing for the roads to thaw or the summer to end, we know we need to hang on to these precious moments while we can have them. The passage of time seems ever-more prominent at […]

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Help a #MiracleChild with the #DonateaPhoto App

nicu baby children's miracle network

Note: I’m participating in an influencer activation on behalf of Johnson & Johnson for acorn: an influence company. But I love this idea and would tell you about it anyway. I don’t talk about it much because it was so long ago (almost five years!), but the girl was born six weeks early and spent […]

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A Throwback Halloween Costume

witch costume

I’ve been taking part in a Blogtober blogging challenge this week over at The SITS Girls (if you’re a blogger and you don’t know them, you should!) and today is supposed to be a Throwback Thursday post about Halloween. I have an ugly confession to make: I don’t actually have any pictures from my childhood, […]

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Visiting the Tulsa Children’s Museum

tulsa children's museum

Last week the girl and husband both had some time off, so we headed to Tulsa for what ended up being about a day trip. We learned two things: We can add large inflatable Halloween decor to the list of things the girl is afraid of The Tulsa Children’s Museum is fun and does not […]

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