A Throwback Halloween Costume

witch costume

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I’ve been taking part in a Blogtober blogging challenge this week over at The SITS Girls (if you’re a blogger and you don’t know them, you should!) and today is supposed to be a Throwback Thursday post about Halloween.

I have an ugly confession to make: I don’t actually have any pictures from my childhood, except for ones I took myself. So I don’t have a single picture to share of me dresses as a clown, devil or witch (oh, darn!).

But I do have a throwback story to tell and an adorable pic of my little one that will have to do.

When I was much, much younger, my mom made me a witch costume. It’s a long black dress and a cape. Super cute.

I wore it, some friends of the family’s kids have worn it through the years, and now the girl is big enough that she can wear it, too.

witch costume
She said she needed boots, so she put on her galoshes.

It’s been in her dress up clothes for a while now, and she’s put it on a couple of times.

She indicated she might want to wear it for Halloween, so I bought her a hat. ($3 at Target; can’t beat that!)

One day she tried it all on and I snapped a quick pic. In a dark room on my cell phone, with all the mess of life in the background.

A couple days later she declared she wanted to be a ballerina instead.

So we’ll see. But at least we have this one cute picture of her all decked out in her witchy finery, and maybe it will still fit her for next Halloween.

Do you have any costumes or handmade things that have been passed down in your family? I’d love to hear about it!

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