Draw a Sea Monster {Craft Challenge, Day 97}

Draw a sea monster from the map of your imagination.

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I think we need to bring back sea monsters on maps. They’re kind of the perfect way to illustrate uncharted territory, the unknown places that could be really scary or really cool or some of both. Draw a sea monster from the map of your imagination.

Today’s challenge is to draw a sea monster of your own devising.

Maybe it’s a manifestation of the uncharted territory on your personal map.

Or if that’s too deep for you, it’s just a funny looking monster. octopus sea monster

In further evidence that I need to take some time to really learn to draw, my “monster” looks like a goofy, hungry octopus.sea serpent drawing

My sea serpent came out a little better. colored sea serpent

Especially once I colored it. I guess everything looks more menacing in color. And with a forked tongue.

This is a fun little challenge and I’d love to see your results or hear how it went for you if you try it out!

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