Drawing Spooky Chibi is Out Now!

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I’m so excited to share with you my latest book: Drawing Spooky Chibi!

This is my second book authored with Tessa Creative Art and published by Bloom Books for Young Readers.

About Drawing Spooky Chibi

drawing spooky chibi cover art

Much like the last book, Drawing Fantasy Chibi, this one includes instructions for drawing slightly scary, but super cute, creatures from mythology, books and more.

In all the book includes 26 creatures, from ghosts to onryo, wizards and scary dolls, werewolves and goblins. The patterns are arranged into three categories (the undead, the supernatural and the monstrous). Here’s the full list in case you’re looking for something specific:

  • ghost
  • skeleton
  • zombie
  • vampire
  • mummy
  • Frankenstein’s monster
  • Bride of Frankenstein (Shouldn’t she be bride of Frankenstein’s monster? A question for the ages.)
  • onryo
  • headless horseman
  • banshee
  • witch
  • wizard
  • killer clown
  • black cat
  • bat
  • spider
  • scarecrow
  • scary doll
  • cthulhu
  • werewold
  • devil
  • grim reaper
  • Baphomet
  • Cerberus
  • goblin
  • swamp monster

Another Round

I didn’t really expect to be doing another drawing book. I thought the one I did before was fun but it wasn’t something I was seeking out to do again. But back in October the publisher approached me to do another one (with a pretty crazy timeline and a due date that fell right after Thanksgiving and my dad having a quintuple bypass).

It was a crunch for sure, but these books are so cute, and I do love the target audience (tweens who love to draw; my 13-year-old is a great technical consultant!)

I don’t know if there are more of these books to come but I will let you know when I know!

What’s Next?

After writing Drawing Spooky Chibi I realized I really wanted to get back to writing some books that were my idea. I love it when publishers approach me with ideas, but it’s been a long time since I conceived of a book idea and talked to someone outside of my head about it.

I’ve actually never pitched a book cold (which is a weird thing to say when I’ve published five books) and the press I’ve been working with has what’s known as right of first refusal on my next book, so this one isn’t completely cold, either. (That’s a fancy publishing term that means they get first look at my proposal and have to turn it down before I can send it elsewhere.)

The new one is an idea I’ve had for a long time, and I’d love to see it finally out in the world. I sent them the proposal almost two months ago, but these things take time, even when you’ve already got a foot in the door.

In the meantime I’m working on some projects for another book idea I’ve had for ages (even longer than the one I just mentioned; in fact it was the first book idea I pitched to Stackpole after my baby book came out) that I really hope can get out of my head soon, too.

These are both legacy projects, the kinds of things I want to be remembered for, so I’m sure I’ll get them into the world one way or another.

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