Play with Magnetic Poetry

Playing with magnetic poetry is a fun way to make new connections.

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I’ve been cleaning my office this month, and I recently came across a bottle of magentic poetry words I’d kind of forgotten I had.

Do you have some of these? They’re actually a lot of fun.
Playing with magnetic poetry is a fun way to make new connections.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a collection of random words on magnets. You grab some and make a poem or string together some words and see what happens.

magnetic poetry play

With this random collection, I like the idea of starting a short story with the first line. And I wonder if we have a funny cliche bone. Maybe.

It’s sort of like using cutups, where you write something or collect words or phrases, mix them up and see what new connections are made. It’s how David Bowie, Kurt Cobain and others wrote songs (and William S. Burroughs and T.S. Eliot wrote other things), and it really is interesting to see what comes of it. random magnetic poetry

If you don’t have your own set of magnetic poetry, you can use an online version. Both are fun but your words are quite limited with the online version.

online magnetic poetry
From the online magnetic poetry game.

I hope you’ll take a little time to play with words today, and to share what you come up with either in the comments below or through a picture online tagged with #ourdailycraft so I can see it. You might find once you start doing it that you want to keep playing, and it might turn out something really interesting.

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