Make a DIY Dreamcatcher Out of Crafty Leftovers

Make a beautiful DIY dreamcatcher from your crafty leftovers

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One way that I like to challenge my creativity from time to time is to play with crafty leftovers, to take things from other projects or just items from my stash and see what I can do with them. It’s a great way to get into the process of creating and just play without caring exactly what comes out of it.

This one started with a Mason jar lid that had been sitting on my counter for a few days. The girl’s class has been learning about Native Americans, and there’s a really pretty dreamcatcher hanging in their room right now. So I thought, why not a Mason jar lid dreamcatcher?Make a beautiful DIY dreamcatcher from your crafty leftovers

This DIY dreamcatcher is simple to make with whatever yarn, string, beads, pendants or whatever you have in the house. Use a doily or a piece of fabric for the center. Add lace, ribbons, feathers, bells, whatever you have lying around that speaks to you.

Most of all, have fun making something that represents you and your creativity!

What You’ll Need

To make a Mason jar dreamcatcher like mine you will need

  • one Mason jar lid
  • a little paint and a paintbrush
  • yarn or string (I used some leftover striped sock yarn)
  • beads, pendants and bead stringing material (see below for more details)

What You’ll Dopainting mason jar lid

Unless you want your DIY dreamcatcher to be silver, you’ll need to paint it. I used some Americana paint in Bluegrass Green, but didn’t paint it too carefully. Allow to dry.yarn wrapped mason jar lid

String your yarn around the lid randomly, to make a weblike effect. Tie the ends in a knot at the back to secure. You might also want to glue the thread to the lid in a couple of places if you want it to be really secure.beaded stings dreamcatcher

Thread beads onto strings. I started with the big shell-like pendant, which was already on the white string with a few of the wooden beads. I added some beads and tied it to the lid. I added a bit of glue to the knot to help it stay secure.

The other two beaded sections are on black cord that I tied a double knot in on each end of the beads. The beads are random things mostly from the bottom of my bead box. I also tied those to the bead dreamcatcher

Because traditional dreamcatchers usually have a hole in them for the good dreams to pass through, I added a round doughnut bead looped onto some yarn to hang in the center of the web. That’s totally optional but I kind of love dreamcatcher office

Right now this is hanging right next to my computer where it reminds me of the importance of creativity and dreams.

This would also be a great craft to do with kids, to have them choose items they like or that represent them in some way to include in their dreamcatcher.

Have you ever made a dreamcatcher or do you have one someone else made? I’d love to hear about it!

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